April 10-12, 2015!

Join us again for 30, 50, 100, or 150miles of the finest trails in the Mid-West...and because you asked for it, new this year will be the 200 mile trail run!

Do you think Illinois is all flat cornfields? Wise ultra-runners will get some serious hill training in before coming to McNaughton Park! We don’t have mountains in Illinois ... just a few rolling hills with elevator shaft downhills guaranteed to warm your quads on a chilly April evening. Here’s how one satisfied customer described the terrain: ‘I now know why Illinois is so flat. They took all the hills that are supposed to be there and put them ALL into one spot in Pekin, IL ... and called it ‘McNaughton Park’.”

How about the view? One of our previous participants described it this way: “It’s one of the most scenic courses I know: Mostly singletrack, forest with some meadows, hills with beautiful valleys in between. Lots of flowers and wildlife. At dawn, when I came to the 3rd creek crossing, thousands of birds were singing, frogs were ‘talking’ everywhere, wild geese above me were chatting, and several Whitetail Deer crossing the trail.”

"... comparing the high altitude, long climbs of the Western mountains to McNaughton hills is like comparing being eaten by a shark vs. being eaten by a 1000 piranhas ... both are unpleasant ... just in different ways."

Another year under our belts and things couldn't have gone better. We were a little concerned early Saturday morning when we woke at 4am to rain. Those of you who have been to McNaughton before know that the weather can change in a heartbeat and it did. The rain stopped in time to get the race off and the course was in good shape by the 2nd loop for most of the participants. What a great weekend! Finally, we can't say enough about our awesome volunteers and our pacers. We feel like we have the best crew anywhere around and know we counldn't pull this off without all of them.

Thanks again,
Rich and Eric Skocaj